Alexandra Quintero borned in Esmeraldas (Ecuador) in 1971, currently she resides and works in Lugano (Ticino - Switzerland) and Quito (Ecuador).
She is married, with two children.
She studied economics in Ecuador, so the Italian language and business management in Italy. She followed studies of art of in Italy (Liceo of Brera, Milan) and in Ecuador. She was a student of  M.tro Giovanni Rubino in Milan.
Speaks fluently, in addition to Spanish, Italian and English; she knows French, too.
Since 2012 is delegated for Ecuador of  Montevenda Engineering International Association (association for the development of  ethics engineering, with headquarters in Lugano).
From 2015 is delegated for Ecuador in the Mediterranean Parliament.
On behalf of Montevenda Engineering International Association, follows, at the organizational level, the research and development activities in Latin America.
She writes, in Italy, in the journal "Lux Terrae" (Rome).
She is a professional painter.
In his stay in Europe, he became familiar and closely studying the great masterpieces of European art and architecture, from which, in part inspired by his works, combining them in the Latin American artistic tradition and ethnic and anthropological themes.
In this sense, in her paintings, there are references to Herni Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Vasily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso, but also to the literary tradition of the Latin American of XX century, such as, for example, to Jorge Luis Borges.
In particular Alexandra Quintero is interested in the possible ancient historical and cultural connections between Latin America, the ancient Greek, Indian and Egyptian cultures, which investigates and analyzes in her works.

Personal exhibitions:

  • Latacuga (Ecuador), February 2016, Citizen Service Center; Sponsors: Provincial Direction of the Ministry of Culture and Heritage; Latacunga Citizen Service Center; Ecuatorian House of Culture "Benjamin Carrion" Nucleus of Cotopaxi;
  • Quito (Ecuador), May 2016, Cafelibro.

Art Galley of Alexandra Quintero - Painter and sculptor

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